Managing Director: Nigel Baptiste

Republic Bank Limited is the premier financial institution in Trinidad and Tobago and one of the largest in the Caribbean, faithfully serving the region for over 175 years.

Whether it is expanding asset base and profitability through strategic planning or designing visionary methodologies in customer service, Republic Bank consistently attains quantitative and qualitative success, demonstrating outstanding results for which it continues to be recognised locally, regionally and internationally.


Republic Bank has committed $US7 million over five years (2004-2008) toward social development projects under a groundbreaking corporate social investment initiative called “The Power to Make A Difference.” Through our support of community outreach programmes, sport, culture, poverty alleviation, education, and entrepreneurship, we have continued to collaborate with individuals and groups in the diverse communities to promote self-sufficiency, development and hope for the future. In 2009 we embarked on another five-year phase, this time committing US$16.1 million to the cause.


Republic focuses on creating customer loyalty through positive and memorable experiences to this end; customers have cited our strengths in customer service as the main reason for doing business with us. Independent customer satisfaction surveys in Trinidad & Tobago have rated Republic Bank the number one bank for customer satisfaction.

Our on-going Customer Feedback panels deepen our customer relationships and make our service offerings more relevant – putting Republic Bank ahead of the competition and making this yet another winning initiative.


Seeing significant wealth creation opportunities for the Caribbean, Republic looks forward to translating those opportunities into tangible returns for all stockholders. Republic Bank is poised for steady growth and continues to lead the way in product innovation and customer service in the Caribbean.

Our customers are looking for solutions to new challenges presented by a transformed technological world. January 2007, saw the successful launch of Internet Banking and in May 2013, RepublicMobile SMS Banking began its course, providing a user-friendly alternative to standing in line at the Bank.

Similarly, we operate the largest ABM (automated banking machine) network in T&T, with 125 machines; we have the highest uptime rate and continue to streamline and automate our delivery channels for greater customer convenience.

We have also completed a successful rebranding programme in Guyana, Grenada and Barbados, with the aim of more closely aligning our Caribbean subsidiaries to Republic Bank’s corporate identity, vision, culture and values, service and products.