This year, GMW was held from March 23rd-27th under the theme Plan Your Money – Plant Your Future. The activities were meant to impart lessons on financial literacy, investment from a young age and creating an entrepreneurial mindset.

BATT commenced its two-day GMW commemoration aboard a visually appealing GMW branded bus themed Take Care of Your Money. BATT’s mobile campaign together with James Saunders, media personality; Renata Girod, Investment Advisor, JMMB; Shedron Collins, General Manager, Youth Business of Trinidad and Tobago; and staff of the BATT secretariat, were warmly received by Forms 4 and 5 students of Tunapuna Secondary School, St. Augustine Secondary School (Day 1, Thursday 23 March)
and Hillview College and North Gate College (Day 2, Friday 24 March).

The activities which were structured to have optimal impact among an estimated 400 Form 4 and 5 students,
in total, included a presentation by Renata Girod on wealth management, followed by a question and answer session. Integral to the days’ events was a presentation by Shedron Collins, where students were guided
through the four elements of creating a business (value proposition, customer segment, resources, cost) and
pitched (in 5 minutes) their best business ideas around three themes: social, environmental and agricultural

The competition was keen and the ideas innovative. In addition to receiving attractive prizes, students learnt the process of turning personal interests, dreams and skills into viable business ideas, while learning the art of pitching their ideas. This aspect of the engagement helped the students develop some skills in public
speaking, critical thinking, and project management.

Overall BATT’s GMW activities, coordinated by BATT’s communications specialist, was a success. The
students and teachers alike benefited from a rich and engaging programme. They have since reached out to
the secretariat with various enquiries on investment, strategies for starting their business and BATT’s future
engagements with the schools.

The activities are in line with BATT’s mission to educate, empower and create awareness on financial literacy among students through interactive and age-appropriate learning to young people.

GMW was first celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago in 2019 and BATT has participated every year since, including virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Global Money Week (GMW) is part of a global campaign to promote financial literacy for children and youth. It is an annual international event, and the overall coordination of this event is led by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). In Trinidad and Tobago, the local activities are organized by members of the National Financial Education Committee which comprise
representatives of the financial sector (BATT, Office of the Financial Services Ombudsman, Association
of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies, The Cooperative Credit Union League of Trinidad and
Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Literacy Secretariat of the Tobago House of Assembly).

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