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The Unauthorised Use of Bank logos on Foreign Exchange (FX) Operators’ advertisements

The Bankers Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BATT) wishes to advise the public of the unauthorised use of the bank logos of its member banks which were placed on the advertisements of “FX operators” via social media platforms. These FX operators appear to be offering their services to facilitate the exchange of bolivares soberanos (BsS), the main currency of Venezuela.

It has come to the attention of BATT that the following “FX operators” have been circulating their advertisements with the logos of member banks via Instagram:

  • Full Trade Cambio
  • Cambio Del Sur
  • Cambios La Fe
  • Cambios El Llanero
  • Tasa Del Dia

BATT member banks have unequivocally disassociated themselves from any service and/or operation and/or advertisement of these “FX operators” as they are neither affiliated with its member banks nor did they acquire the requisite permission or authorisation of any member bank to use its logo, act or collaborate on its behalf.

Customers of BATT member banks are encouraged to report any similar activity or operations to their respective Banks.

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